Burnout Recovery

Ep#86 From burnout to next level career in 6 months

July 20, 2023 Dex Randall Season 2 Episode 86
Burnout Recovery
Ep#86 From burnout to next level career in 6 months
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Do you want your career to grow this year?

In these times of interest rate hikes, escalating cost of living  and widespread job loss - you can protect your career and finances, even if you are currently in burnout.

There is a golden opportunity right now for you to bring all your best attributes to the fore, when others are in retreat. To "keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you." (Rudyard Kipling, "If")

You can be the bull in a bear market.

This is the journey I take my burntout clients on: the return to optimal success. I'm not satisfied merely supporting men out of burnout. Once they get their mojo back, I want them to be at their best, enjoy work and life, and create whatever they were born to create.

It's not a pipe-dream. Listen in for examples of clients' actual results. There are many more.
That kind of success is available to you in the  Burnout to Leadership program.
Come and talk to me - let's plan out how that will look in your case.
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Dex (00:00:09) - Hi, everyone. My name is Dex Randall and this is the Burnout to Leadership podcast, where I teach professional men to recover from burnout and get back to passion and reward at work. Hello, This is Dex, and I am back with you today for a perhaps slightly unusual episode of the podcast. And it's because I've been reading the papers over the past few weeks and the news about interest rates and so on are becoming increasingly. Discouraging probably for many people. And I just wanted to talk about if you are in burnout and if you're listening to this and your 2023 is not going super and making this in the beginning of July 2023, if you're listening later. If you want career growth in 2023 or '24, how are you going to get there from here? And it's my contention that you can create that career growth. Whether there's a recession or not. Even if you feel burned out right now or you're heading into burnout or you've got chronic stress. Tired, et cetera. So the question really is, do you want to relight the fire under your career? Because if so, you need to hear this.

Dex (00:01:23) - As interest rates bite, property prices fall, the market gets the jitters. Discretionary spending drops to, doesn't it? As it well should. But how about you? What's happening for you? If you're in burnout? Be a little bit jittery yourself. What's the impact of all this news and the financial markets having on your own personal or family? Financial security, your job security and your real fundamental wealth through these times? And if that's not looking how you want it to. Do you have spare capacity right now to improve? Let's call what? Your own market position. Because I think about burnout and I think about burnout, recovery and what's available for you. And I don't personally believe that burnout coaching represents discretionary spending, and here's why. Whenever everybody else is getting a bit nervous and pulling the belt in. The maintained high quality of your own personal performance, your contribution at work, and also your resilience in general will have the strongest possible positive effect on your career in a downturn. Right? If you can maintain your highest standards and stay on top of your game, you're basically going to be the last man standing.

Dex (00:02:48) - And also this applies to, okay, big tech, where there's enormous layoffs at the moment and other industries where layoffs have been biting really since Covid began and continuously thereafter. So repositioning is going to be pretty important now and in the coming years, I think. And I run a program called Burnout to Leadership. And the goal of this is to release you from burnout, which really inside you is this temporary sentiment based market crash. And helping you power on to fulfill your maximum work potential. So this is getting you back to a sustainable market high. And in a bear market, of course, you've got to be a bull to win, to take advantage of your relative value and strengthen your position. You're going to need to reconnect with all of your fundamental assets. And those are the things we don't connect with very well when we're in burnout, right? All the good things that we have are skills or experience, professional standing and all of those things. We're not really plugged into those as much as we could be.

Dex (00:04:02) - And here's what I'm going to suggest, because you're a type-A professional or leader, your fundamentals are still strong, even though your market position and your valuation. Or self-evaluation a temporarily a little bit jittery, not not completely reliable. So what I do in my work is I help executives, professionals, leaders to reestablish power and success and find this solid ground to stand on. And the recovery process is actually extremely straightforward. And it helps you restore your energy, enthusiasm, balance confidence, and, of course, marketability. So I think here's the opportunity. You can set yourself up now for success going into 2024. You can get 220, 24 on the right foot. There's no better time than now to bounce back and establish strong career growth. You're going to stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons. And for my clients, this growth happens really reliably. This is why we're in this game, right? This is why I do what I do to help people get back on their feet as firmly as possible.

Dex (00:05:20) - So. You know, here's a couple of examples from my clients as Mike in Big Four Consulting, who overcame his kind of team and delegation and performance issues and was promoted to partner. Another client who tripled his computer manufacturing business during a chip shortage. Also Dr. M, who went from being performance managed in his role to investing in setting up his own cardiology centre. Like Tim, a professor who secured grants for a new deaths of despair national research agenda, and is also opening a research center. Like Roddy producing media content for socially responsible organizations. Who chose to double his revenue in a single month and actually ten times it. This level of changes was waiting for you. When you recover from burnout. You're basically going to make your own market. So what I do is I teach you and I support you to bring out this inner bull that still has this essential confidence is fundamental confidence. So you can bring out that inner bull that banishes the bear inside, which is you're probably out of control. Inner critic.

Dex (00:06:34) - Right. So you can tame this bear. Really forever. There's a long term solution to this rampaging inner critic that seems a little bit out of control. You can rein that back in. And when you do, I'll teach you a bunch of skills. You're a professional, you'll learn the skills very easily to keep you out of burnout forever, not just get you out of burnout this once. And I think the purpose of that is not to let the financial market or the employment market or your organization dictate your trajectory and results. Then out coaching really is your best insurance in a downturn because it takes you smoothly upwards to stand out performance. And you'll make yourself indispensable again, reliable as a leader, delivering solid performance results and continuing to take an upward trajectory, which is the opposite of how burnout experiences right when you've been going downhill. So the question is this for you If you're in burnout or approaching burnout or you're just completely exhausted and chronically depleted distrust with the whole situation, thinking about leaving your job or whatever it is that you're thinking to escape from this prison.

Dex (00:07:56) - Instead, look at it like this. Do you want your career to grow in 2023, 2024? Because this program that I run will show you step by step how to do that. And if that's something you want, come and talk to me about what's currently stopping you getting there, and let's make a plan together to fix it. And to do that, you can go and booking an appointment at dexrandall.com. Hope to see you soon. All the best. If you're in burnout and ready to recover, come and join my burnout to leadership program. You can book in to talk with me at Burnout Index or just tell me what's bugging you and let's make a plan to fix it.

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