Burnout Recovery

Ep#88 Your amazing career growth after burnout

August 03, 2023 Dex Randall Season 2 Episode 88
Burnout Recovery
Ep#88 Your amazing career growth after burnout
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It's vital to know that you can have great success after burnout, since burnout comes with an extra dose of despair.

So I'm going to say it here:
If professional burnout is your main problem, you can have your mojo back, life can be sweet and better things await.

This episode is full of success stories from my clients who have forged spectacular results, often from long forgotten dreams and almost universally by crawling wearily  out of the dark pit of burnout into the sunshine.

They did. You can.

When a person emerges from burnout, as they surely do in this step-by-step proven program, and the lights go back on - two things happen:

  1. Their dreams and desires start to bubble back up, as if from nowhere; and
  2. They suddenly become more assertive and decisive and go for them!

 OK three things - they have much more passion and sense of fulfilment and these generate an 'unexpected' big leap forward in their career. 

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Dex (00:00:09) - Hi, everyone. My name is Dex Randall and this is the Burnout to Leadership podcast, where I teach professional men to recover from burnout and get back to passion and reward at work. Hello, my friends. This is Dex again, and thank you for joining me today for this episode on the vital topic of creating deep and joyful success after burnout. And I'd say it's vital because really, people in burnout need hope that something good is still in the pipeline for them, that they can have their mojo back, that life can be sweet again as it has become really for me and countless of my clients. And if you hear that and that whole idea of success turns you off completely, if it puts your hackles up, even then I'd really have to ask, are you in burnout right now? Because if you are, of course you won't want to think about it because really that just reopens the wounds of burnout for you. Thinking about this successful future that's available because success probably seems way too painfully inaccessible to you right now.

Dex (00:01:19) - And I get that. I mean, that sentiment is completely normal in burnout. It really I had it exactly the same myself. I actually thought I was finished. I thought my career was over when I was in burnout. Because burnout is a condition of deep despair. But, you know, let me assure you right now, before we even begin today, that it's temporary and recoverable. And I'm going to give you one example here of a client who came to me feeling much the same himself in burnout. And he works in the film industry. He runs his own production agency. And he was feeling, you know, the same frustrated, stagnant, exhausted, disappointed, overwhelmed, all of that. He was kind of toying with the idea of quitting when he first came to me with his story. And here's really what he told me. He said he was working extremely long days on stuff that he didn't enjoy doing, work that wasn't creative, didn't support his mission for clients who were unreasonably demanding.

Dex (00:02:20) - And you weren't paying him what he was worth. He'd really fallen out of love with his business. Disappointed that after 15 years running it, he had yet to realize his original dream. So it's quite disappointed in himself as well, and full of resentment at so many of the other people and projects that he ran into. So he was ready to throw in the towel on one hand. But at the same time, he also wanted more out of life and work. And, you know, he was so frustrated about the financial side of it that he was considering running an Airbnb to make money. So let's fast forward now, and I'm going to take some examples from a few weeks of his coaching journey, and we'll start at week number eight. So he's almost two months in now. He told me he was feeling positive and uplifted and he decided that week to double his monthly revenue for that month. And there was only three weeks left in the month. And the following week, week nine, he turned up and he told me he had unexpectedly won not one, but two extremely prestigious awards.

Dex (00:03:33) - And he had a bunch of stuff in the pipeline for his client revenue side. So the following week, again, week ten, where he told me my vision is now on the doorstep and fired back up and I'm getting stuff done. Week 11. He told me he was looking at a bumper earnings month and he was reeling in a whole bunch of deals well above his normal win rate. Week 12. So that's just three months away from his first contact with me in deepest burnout. He didn't make his two times revenue month. He actually made it ten times and more was still rolling in. He was pretty excited by this point and he was deciding to make this ten times this new normal. So what he did then, he was really reimagining. His path forward from here, jettisoned work he didn't like doing, for example, by hiring an editor in favor of all his sweet spot stuff, the stuff that really delivered for him and for the clients, which for him was producing original content. And then he was very rapidly in the process of restructuring his business to make sure all of those things became doable for him without overwork.

Dex (00:04:52) - So, you know, that was just a four week excerpt from his coaching journey. But. And it's just one example. But. If you're thinking, oh, you know, I bet he's just a unicorn, actually, in terms of my clients is pretty typical. I have. Clients who are leaders, executive professionals across many industries. And once they're out of the woods, once they've got their mojo back, spectacular results seem suddenly feasible to them. They find themselves pursuing maybe buried dreams or new adventures, promotions, new roles, new projects, career changes in some kind of way that they secretly always wanted to. So in case you think he is a unicorn, I've got some more examples from my client's results here, and I'm just going to help them out to you. Okay. Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology. He started a research center of excellence for depression and suicide. Computer manufacturer. He tripled his revenue during a chip shortage a couple of years back. Then he secured a company takeover and is now going for ten times revenue.

Dex (00:06:08) - Working just three days a week so he can make time for his own family. Another client in big for consulting work with me got promoted to partner. Long time career nurse recovered from crippling anxiety and panic addiction, health issues, poor job tenure and. Money and money. Stress and confidence. Stress. I think so. Recovered from all of those to create a new life for himself. He moved cities. He's created new investment opportunities and a new career in property, although he still has a sideline in nursing. Engineer. He overcame. Dyslexia was his main problem, but he also was suffering from depression and burnout and marital problems. But when he kind of got past his dyslexia, it created a newfound confidence in him, and he was promptly promoted to the top engineering leadership role within his company. Lawyer rose from drowning in tasks and poor clients to working with only best fit. Lucrative and easy clients, yielding a stable income and results and a generous work life balance. Banker laid off as a senior international leader after a long career.

Dex (00:07:28) - He created a consulting and entrepreneurial career for himself, earning well, working less and creating more family time as well. Luxury home builder. He took himself from probably the top 10% to the top 5% in his market, and his business just took off in profitability. CFO went from being laid off with panic attacks to building two new high performance teams in his organization and restructuring the whole of the business operations with the CEO. Technical sales lead left his local company to join a larger international company as global sales lead. Hospital physician leaders. So I've had two of these who both stepped up to become a preferred candidate for promotion to different not the same Dean positions. High tech R&D leader survives sweeping layoffs in this kind of post-COVID work from home restructuring that's been going on industrywide to spearhead a new R&D initiative at the next level up of leadership. Spinal physician who is now in round three of research project funding for a new spinal surgery technique. And he's just opened a new spinal surgery center. So, you know, the clients who come to me in burnout are innately high achievers, which is why I can rattle off that list to you.

Dex (00:08:54) - They're ambitious, capable, driven people, all of them. But that means that they're the kind of person who ends up in burnout. And I think the worst thing about burnout really is. And this this is something it shares with clinical depression for my money is a feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, futility, despair. And when we're in that place of burnout, it could be really, really hard to see or even imagine that life can get better. I promise much better is available if that's you. And really, I don't like to promise what I can't deliver. But history tends to repeat itself a lot round here. The burnout recovery method that I've developed and use with my clients is extremely reliable in bringing people out of burnout and helping them find their mojo, their best performance, confidence and reward. And by the way, if you're wondering, it helps a lot with the relationships at home as well. No more arriving, home spent irritable, prickly bolting for your man cave where you still can, but you won't have to.

Dex (00:10:05) - So I've coached over 8500 sessions I've been seeing in my clients this unfolding of a new kind of success on a really predictable schedule. Over and over again I see it happen. So because of the experiences that I've had with people and the results that I've seen, I really trust myself to deliver and I trust you to bring it and deliver as well. It is. It's workable for you. You can do this. And I also trust the program itself, because this is just a step by step process to recover from burnout. And burnout is the only thing that I work with, right? Burnout and leadership. So if if you're experiencing burnout, here's the question to ask yourself. Are you ready right now or will you become ready during the course of thinking about this? Are you ready to feel and perform better? Are you ready to kick up to a whole new level of performance, leadership and fulfillment at work? Are you ready to make a mark on your job or create a new legacy in your work that you're proud of? Are you ready to open up your earning potential and your career options and find ways to give back? Mentor, contribute, support others? Because I can assure you, if you're an executive or professional man in burnout and I accept you onto my program, that's what's going to happen.

Dex (00:11:37) - So if you're right now, if you're up to your eyeballs in anxiety, exhaustion, frustration and so on, if you really had enough of it, if you've had a guts full. I'd like to say this to you if you're open to hearing it. They're not. Recovery is a proven step by step process out of that dark, despairing pit and back into the light. Anyone can recover if professional burnout is their primary problem. Well, you know, if that's you and you are in that dark pit of burnout right now and everything in your life has been looking. Desperate and awful. You're welcome to go and listen to the first few episodes of this podcast to identify if you're in burnout, why you're stuck there, and to find out what to do next or simply come and talk to me. You can book in at Dexter or. Com and we'll make a plan together for you to recover quickly and sustainably and get back to your best performance leadership and most of all enjoyment inside working out. So thanks for giving me your time today.

Dex (00:12:45) - I hope you've heard something that you needed to hear that will help you. Kind of be the catalyst into some into your recovery. That's what I'd love to have happen for you. But if you enjoyed this episode. Please do help me reach more people in burnout by rating and reviewing the podcast. I really would be very grateful. And if you know somebody else who is heading towards or in burnout or you think might be in that arena. I'd love you to send them the link to this podcast as well. I thank you so much for being here today. I will catch you again next. If you're in burnout and ready to recover, come and join my burnout to leadership program. You can book in to talk with me a burnout round or just tell me what's bugging you and let's make a plan to fix it.

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